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Assurance of Business Continuity

Strenghts and Warranties
  • Collaboration with every financial institution in Mexico
  • Certification by various financial institutions as per global guidelines
  • Insured for money and securities/ valuables covering:
    • Any physical damage
    • Disloyalty of employees and inexplicable disappearance
    • Amounts up to $180m (distributed by the branch) (Atlas) URS
    • All branch offices
Human Resources


  • Performance based bonuses
  • Productivity monthly bonus for union members
  • Biannual bonus for middle and top level employees


  • Greater than industry-standard pay increases for 25% of employees
  • Rewards for heroism and antiquity
  • Honor and justice committee that regulates the employees behavior


  • Manager Development Program to prepare future managers
  • Specialized trainee programs for special positions
  • Academic development programs for employees


  • ESR (Socially Responsible Enterprise) recognition
  • Operational Excellence: Order and Responsibility
  • Union Stability:
    • Independent union agreements for each branch
    • No strikes since our foundation